Fast Track Legislation to aid TPP in the USA ?

There are claims that the so-called Fast Track legislation will pave the way for speeding up international treaties such as the Trans Pacific Trade Agreement.
AFTINETJan 13, 11:32am via Web

AFTINET media release: US fast track Bill for Trans-Pacific Trade deal (TPP) faces stiff opposition in Congress…

rolandodiaz16Jan 12, 12:58pm via Twitter for iPhone

Some Senators want to ignore the democratic process & fast track #TPP, tell them to bring it up for a…

KerrieAnneJan 12, 12:10pm via HootSuiteRT @SouthwebORG: BREAKING NEWS: Congress introduces Obama fast-track authority on global trade pacts like retweets
theskypirateJan 12, 11:56am via WebThe TPP is bad, the fast track authority (also known as “trade promotion authority”) is bad, the whole thing is…1 retweets
PCGTWJan 11, 4:40am via WebNEW – Public Citizen Fast Track Bill Analysis: Camp-Baucus Bill Would Revive 2002 #FastTrack retweets
MargotKaminskiJan 11, 4:34am via WebAnalysis from Public Citizen of proposed trade bill/fast…12 retweets
truthoutJan 11, 2:32am via TweetDeckWhy “fast track is the wrong track” for the#TransPacificPartnership trade treaty:… @CWAUnion #TPP31 retweets
PCGTWJan 11, 2:31am via WebLabor coming out in full strength against #FastTrack for retweets
DrRimmerJan 11, 12:40pm via WebFast-track authority is a highway to hell: @AbbyMartin analyses the #TPP #TPPA with acumen retweetsShow Conversation
DrRimmerJan 11, 12:39pm via WebIt is a topsy-turvy world where Obama is relying on Republicans to get a fast-track authority for a Wall Street-friendly #TPP. @Tim_BesharaShow Conversation
Tim_BesharaJan 11, 12:35pm via WebSo with the US Congress walking away from the Fast-track legislation and US midterms coming up, does that mean the #TPP is dead? @DrRimmer1 retweets
AbbyMartinJan 11, 12:20pm via Twitter for iPhone#BreakingTheSet on how Congress used the#Bridgegate distraction to sneak through Fast Track for #TPP corporate coup: retweets
mairaJan 11, 7:03am via TweetDeckThe lies the @USTradeRep is spreading about fast track authority to push #TPP through Congress:…8 retweets
EFFJan 11, 6:25am via ThingieOne way we can block #TPP: Stop the fast track trade bill. retweets

soulhangout11:56am via Facebook

We may have only weeks before Fast Track for the TPP comes to a vote. Put the pressure on Congress to say NO to…

getjeffrey10:28am via shareaholicDon’t Let Congress Fast-Track TPP – Electronic Frontier Foundation –
AbbyMartin12:20pm via Twitter for iPhone#BreakingTheSet on how Congress used the#Bridgegate distraction to sneak through Fast Track for #TPP corporate coup:
MitchJonesFWW9:32am via Twitter for iPadMy new blog on #TPP and the #NoFastTrack fight: which side are you on? retweets
WorldTradeLaw5:41am via twitterfeedGroups Mobilize for Fast-Track Fight – Washington Wire – WSJ retweets

Sonmi_819Jan 10, 9:07pm via Web

Congress introduces Obama fast-track authority on global trade pacts like TPP @ExposeTPP @USDayofRage

justicepartyctJan 10, 2:14pm via Web

Why are people talking about #NoFastTrackTPP? Read @RockyAnderson (Salt Lake City mayor) revealing article. #TPP

dangillmor8:54am via HootSuiteJust disgusting: Congress moves toward fast-tracking secret, terrible, corporate-favors trade deal…7 retweets
insidetrade8:42am via dlvr.itHouse Dems Meet On Fast Track; GOP Leadership Calls For 50 Dem Votes
ExposeTPP4:43am via WebCamp-Baucus Bill To Revive Controversial 2002#FastTrack Mechanism retweets
PCGTW4:40am via WebNEW – Public Citizen Fast Track Bill Analysis: Camp-Baucus Bill Would Revive 2002 retweets
PCGTW2:31am via WebLabor coming out in full strength against#FastTrack for retweets
PCGTW2:07am via WebHouse Democrats Balk At Efforts By Obama, Boehner On Controversial Pacific Trade

insidetradeJan 10, 1:36pm via

Baucus To Hold Fast-Track Hearing Next Week; Levin Plans Alternative Bill

insidetradeJan 10, 7:40am via dlvr.itBaucus, Camp, Hatch Introduce Fast-Track Bill; Levin Plans Alternative Version retweets

teemylade12:01pm via twitterfeed

Senate bill could fast-track trade agreement that ‘threatens the Internet’:
The 12-country agreement would

ringoffireradio11:58am via HootSuite

Papantonio: Corporate Controlled Congress To Fast Track TPP

ChristineIAm11:23am via HootSuite

Our government has quietly introduced the bill to “fast track” the #TPP AKA “NAFTA on Steroids”… …

@sierraclub: Sierra Club Opposes Fast-Track Bill. Legislation promotes flawed trade deals that harm environment:

libodyssey10:42am via Web

Keep up with the Trans-Pacific Partnership #TPPand what it means for Australia. A public discussion via @swinlib

johnnybridge210:18am via Buffer

FTA : An End to Australia Sovereignty #auspol

RT @AlanGrayson: FTA: An End to U.S. Sovereignty #FastTrack #TPP

violentfanon9:53am via Twitter for iPhone

Shame on you. #TPP
MT @USTradeRep: Welcome introduction of Bipartisan Congressional Trade Priorities Act#TPA

Teamsters9:27am via Web

Bill filed to make TPP easier to pass. Please try to help stop…#StopFastTrack

clarecurranmp8:39am via Twitter for iPhone

Looks like US Govt fast track plan to get #TPPover the line on their terms?…

DrRimmer8:32am via Web

Fast Track is outdated 1970s technology being applied to 21st century realities: Lori Wallach @PCGTW #TPP #TTIP

jamie_love8:32am via Web

Fast track trade bill fails to correct asymmetric secrecy of the bilateral and regional trade negotiations

DrRimmer8:29am via Web

The US Chamber of Commerce promises to lobby hard for the #TPA, so that it can railroad#TPP #TPPA and #TTIP…

PCGTW8:26am via WebQuestions on the Fast Track Bill That Chairman Baucus Might Prefer Not to Answer @nytimes #FastTrack
ggreenwald8:23am via WebOne purpose of last TPP fast-track bill: prohibit measures countries want to shield privacy of their citizens’…
repmarkpocan8:20am via TweetDeckIt’s unwise 4 Congress to ram through trade deals without oversight. I oppose via WebThe #TPP has been introduced in to the US senate In Australia total silence & secrecy on ALL sides. It’s bad. #auspolmatthewstoller7:09am via WebWow, this Fast Track legislation doesn’t even guarantee members of Congress can see trade text (and bars most staff)…WorldTradeLaw7:07am via twitterfeed

Levin Statement on Today’s Introduction of Trade Promotion Authority Legislation | Committee on Ways and Means

YourAnonNews6:55am via WebBiggest corporate power grab in decades just introduced in Congress. TAKE ACTION: Say NO to#FastTrack for the #TPP
WorldTradeLaw6:36am via twitterfeedCongressional Deal Reached on Obama Trade-Talks Authority – Bloomberg via WebThe Senate trade bill introduced today is a#FastTrack to low wages.…info_justice6:22am via Web

Fast-tracking #TPP trade agreement could ruin middle class jobs in America. #edshow so we can share on TV!

ExposeTPPJan 08, 3:16am via WebSound the alarm! @MaxBaucus wants to introduce #FastTrack for #TPP this

ExposeTPP3:38am via Web Want to stop #TPP? In the U.S. we have to stop#FastTrack. Call your representative today! 10 retweets

ExposeTPP3:32am via WebMexican Farmers Warn of Year of #TPP #NAFTA #NoFastTrackExposeTheTPP.org2 retweets
ExposeTPP2:23am via WebGreat #TPP rally video in front of Rep. Charlie Rangel’s office! #NoFastTrack@cbrangel
A_G_Moore4:21am via WebNegotiating countries in secret #TPP abt 40% of global #GDP; treaty so far on #fasttrack for US…
CWANews3:50am via Circular.ioMark your calendars: JAN 22 will be a nat’l day of action to pressure Congress to stop fast #TPP #1u #p23 retweets
jrzygirlinflaJan 02, 1:15pm via Twitter for iPadElizabeth Warren has something to say about trade agreements“86 retweets
LuddoftheFutureJan 02, 12:01pm via Twitter for iPhoneIf the #TPP was going to be beneficial for citizens of the countries negotiating it, we would’ve seen some of the text. #StopFastTrackTPP25 retweets
JoeSmithSDK11:47am via Web#TPP: Governance by the corporations for the corporations.… …#StopFastTrackTPP #gop #owsRetweeted by ExposeTPP and 3 others
RealFoodChoice11:42am via TweetCaster for AndroidAn energy company sued Canada 4 allowing Quebec 2 tighten environmental policies; #TPPwill do more…#StopFastTrackTPP
RealFoodChoice11:37am via TweetCaster for Android#TPP nothing to do with regulating trade; instead limits enviro, food safety, #health #StopFastTrackTPP
UniteWomenSD11:30am via HootSuiteA Corporate Coup d’Etat- TradeDealFromHell -Handcuffs Governments, Gives NewPowers 2 Corporations

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